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The benefits of joining a sports team or living an active lifestyle are innumerable. Not only does playing sports create strong bones, develop muscles, and improve cardiovascular health, it also grows friendships, aids in cognitive health and builds confidence in your child. In an age of technology when children are buried in the screens of their handheld devices, getting them outside is crucial. But, the harder your child plays, the more likely that injuries can occur and the more beneficial it is to have protective equipment.

A customized mouth guard is a key component to any child’s protective gear. Although mouth guards are required for hockey and football, your child’s teeth are at risk while playing basketball or baseball as well. Having a customized mouth guard will make wearing mouth protection more comfortable for your child, which means they’ll be more likely to use it rather than leaving it in their backpack!

What to Expect with a Customized Mouth Guard

A customized mouth guard is different from store-bought guards because it is made using molds or impressions taken of your child’s teeth and bite to fit perfectly. It is created with high-quality, resilient materials that will make it easy to wear. Because it is formed over your child’s individual teeth impression or mold, it will offer the best protection and comfortability, as compared to any type of store-bought mouth guard.

Let Our Orthodontics Team Help Protect Your Child’s Teeth with a Customized Mouth Guard

At Adventure Dental, we take pride in being a part of your child’s oral health care team, and we want to protect your child’s teeth from the accidents that can happen during play. It’s important to us to make sure we provide the services you need as a parent, including offering protection for when you’re not in our office. If your child is playing sports or joins a team at school, contact our team of Santa Clarita orthodontists for an appointment today.

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    “The BEST experience! I took my 6 and 4 year old in for the first time. From the moment I walked in the office was set up for fun. My kids both enjoyed playing video games in the waiting room. My 6 ...”

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    “I have been coming here to see Dr. Monti with my boys for 10+ years and even though they’ve grown up, my 6 year old now comes here and I couldn’t be happier. We often see Dr. Pepper who is amazing as ...”

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    “We had the best experience today! It was my son’s first trip to see the dentist and the staff was so sweet and gentle! The place was so esthetically pleasing and I am so happy we came. My son is 2 and ...”

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  • We just went for the first time and my son had an awesome experience.

    “My son is 4 years old. He was going to another dentist. We recently moved to Canyon Country and Adventure Dental was recommended to us. We just went for the first time and my son had an awesome ...”

    - Chrystal Ramos

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